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BOOK DISCUSSION (Missoula): Mind Training Teachings in "The Great Path of Awakening" by Jamgon Kongtrul

The first in a series of discussions on the topic of the Tibetan tradition of mind training, as outlined in "The Great Path of Awakening," the classic text by Jamgon Kongtrul.
Today's topics:
- Overview of the history of the tradition, from the source of the transmission of these techniques to their subsequent role in the practice lineages of Tibetan Buddhism
- Discussion of the need for mind training in meditative practice
- Exploration of the actual instructions of the text, beginning with a review of the preliminary practices (known as "The Four Thoughts That Turn One's Mind to Spiritual Life", which have been covered in depth during previous discussions) and proceeding to the actual practice (known as the "Trainings in Bodhichitta", or mind training slogans). 
Today's discussion will cover the mind training slogans up through number 7, "Sending and taking" (tonglen).
Discussion followed by brown-bag lunch. There is no cost but donations to defray expenses will be gratefully received. We will continue our discussion of the text on Saturday, November 18.